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Incoloy Alloy 800 Fasteners

Incoloy 800/800HT/825 ASTM B564 Fasteners | Incoloy 800/800HT/825 ASME B160 Fasteners | Incoloy 800/800HT/825 Fasteners Exporter In Mumbai

Incoloy Alloy 800 Fasteners, also referred to by more specific names such as Incoloy 800 Alloy Fasteners, Inconel Alloy 800H Fasteners, Incoloy Alloy UNS N08800 Fasteners and Incoloy Alloy 800HT Fasteners are nickel-iron-chromium alloys that possess great tensile strengths, superior resistance to corrosion, and stability when subjected to high temperatures. Hence, Incoloy 800 Fasteners such as Nuts, Bolts and Washers are found throughout vessels, heat exchangers, and a wide variety of process equipment in the chemical and power generation industries. Incoloy alloy 800 is a combination of nickel and chromium alloy that has excellent tensile strength and resistance to oxidation. Incoloy Alloy 800 is extremely functional as it maintains a stable structure, even when exposed to high temperature. The Incoloy alloy 800 is extremely resistant to corrosion, even in acidic environment. Triton Alloys Inc is one of the prominent Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Incoloy 800 Hex and Nut Bolts. We can supply Incoloy Alloy 800H Bolts in both Half Threads & Full Thread Configuration with sizes from M5 to M72. We provide Incoloy 800 hex bolts with UNC & UNF Threads. Incoloy 800 Alloy at Triton Alloys Inc is dual certified (800H/HT) and combines the properties of both forms.

Triton Alloys Inc has increased one of the most noteworthy positions in the business for amassing and supplying astonishing catch including Incoloy Alloy Fasteners. The way of the thing is the matter of previous thought for our association, so we make these hooks under the strict overall quality parameters of weight and size. We are advancing broad assortment of these fasten in particular estimations as indicated by the necessities of clients.

As a producer, supplier, stockiest and exporter, we offer these UNS N08800/11/25 Fasteners in specially designed sizes and thicknesses according to the careful requests of our regarded customers. We offer these Incoloy Alloy 800/800HT/825 Fasteners in worldwide and national nature of benchmarks at savvy rates to our supporters.


Standard DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Grade Incoloy 800 (UNS N08800)
Incoloy 800H (UNS N08810)
Incoloy 800HT (UNS N08811)
Incoloy 825(UNS N08825)
Werkstoff Nr 1.4876/4958/59/2.4858
Specification ASTM / ASME SB 160 / 164 / 425 / 166 / 446 / 574 / 472
Size M10 TO M100
Types Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Sockets, Studs, Screw, Hex Set Screw, Socket Screw, Cap Screw, Pan Head Screw, Machine Screw, Socket Head Cap Screw, Allen Cap screw, Wing Screw, Washers, Spring Washers, Studs, Anchors, Marine Anchors, Nut, Hexagon Nut, Hex Nut, Hex Coupling Nut, Hex Domed Cap Nuts, Square Nut, Stud Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Socket Hexagon Head Screw Anchor Bolt, U- Bolts, J Bolts, Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts, T-Head Bolts, Wing Screw, Eye Bolt, Foundation Bolts, Structural Bolts.

Chemical Composition

Incoloy 800 800H 825
Ni 30-35 30-35 38.0 – 46.0
Fe 39.5 min 39.5 min 22.0 min
Cr 19-23 19-23 19.5 - 23.5
Cu 0.75 max 0.75 max 1.5 - 3.0
Ti 0.15-0.60 0.15-0.60 0.6 - 1.2
Al 0.15-0.60 0.15-0.60 0.2 max
C 0.1 max 0.05-0.1 0.05 max
Mn 1.5 max 1.5 max 1.0 max
S 0.015 max 0.015 max 0.015 max
Si 1.0 max 1.0 max 0.5 max
Mb - - 2.5 - 3.5

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