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Monel K500 Fasteners

Triton Alloys Inc prominently manufactures Monel K500 Bolts in half thread & full thread length with ready delivery, material in stock.Monel 500 hex Bolts & heavy hex bolts are primarily manufacturer & supply at TorqBolt.We offer Sizes standard range from M5 upto M72 & Above on request & Customized.

Monel K500 is a nickel-copper alloy which combines the excellent corrosion resistance of Monel 400 with the added advantages of greater strength and hardness. The increased properties are obtained by adding aluminum and titanium to the nickel-copper base, and by heating under controlled conditions so that submicroscopic particles of Ni3 (Ti, Al) are precipitated throughout the matrix. The thermal processing used to effect precipitation is commonly called age hardening or aging. The composition of the alloy is given below.

A useful characteristic of Monel K500 is that it is virtually nonmagnetic, even at quite low temperatures. It is possible, however, to develop a magnetic layer on the surface of the material during processing. Aluminum and copper may be selectively oxidized during heating, leaving a magnetic nickel-rich film on the outside of the piece. The effect is particularly noticeable on thin wire or strips where there is a high ratio of surface to weight. The magnetic film can be removed by pickling or bright dipping in acid, and the nonmagnetic properties of the material will be restored. The corrosion resistance of Monel K500 is substantially equivalent to that of alloy 400 except that, when in the age-hardened condition, Monel K500 has a greater tendency toward stress-corrosion cracking in some environments.

Monel K500 has been found to be resistant to a sour-gas environment. The combination of very low corrosion rates in high velocity sea water and high strength make Monel K500 particularly suitable for shafts of centrifugal pumps in marine service. In stagnant or slow-moving sea water, fouling may occur followed by pitting, but this pitting slows down after a fairly rapid initial attack.


Nickel (plus Cobalt)
Silicon .

63.0 min
0.25 max
1.5 max
2.0 max
0.01 max
0.5 max
27.0 – 33.0
2.30 – 3.15
0.35 – 0.85

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