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Socket Head Cap Screw Fastener

Certain applications require a screw, which is buried completely in a tapped hole in one of the material surfaces. This is a job for a socket set screw. An important consideration when choosing a socket set screw is how it will interact with the material at the bottom of the hole. If the set screw is to “dig-in”, a point style which features minimal surface area works best. These point styles would include cup, cone or knurled cup. If minimal marring of the surface is required, flat, full dog or half dog would be the point style of choice.

Cup point is the most common style in inventory at Nickel Systems. Socket set screw stock currently includes parts in Hastelloy® C276 (Alloy C276, Alloy 22), Carpenter® 20 (Alloy 20), Duplex 2205, Monel® (Alloy 400, Alloy 405), Inconel® 600 (Alloy 600) and various grades of Stainless (18-8, 316, 317L, 416).


  • Property Class Designation: 45H
  • Nominal Size of Product : M5 - M100
  • Material and Treatment : Medium carbon alloy steel, quenched and tempered
  • Proof Load Stress MPa : 830
Range Size M3 - M48 and also available in all customized sizes.
Material(All Grade) Stainless Steel
Grade: ASTM 182 , ASTM 193, ASTM 194, B8 (304), B8C (SS347), B8M (SS316), B8T (SS321), A2, A4, stainless steel 304 / 304L socket head cap screw, 304H, 310, 310S, 316 / 316L / 316H / 316 Ti, 317 / 317L, 321 / 321H, A193 B8T stainless steel 347 socket head cap screw fastener, 347 H, 431, 410
Carbon Steel
Grade: ASTM 193, ASTM 194, B6, B7/ B7M, B16, 2, 2HM, 2H, Gr6, B7, B7M
Alloy Steel
Grade: ASTM 320 L7, L7A, L7B, L7C, L70, L71, L72, L73
Grade: C270000
Naval Brass
Grade: C46200, C46400
Grade: 110
Duplex & Super Duplex
Grade: S31803, S32205
Grade: C61300, C61400, C63000, C64200
Grade: Hastelloy B2 socket head cap screw, Hastelloy B3, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy X
Grade: Incoloy 800, Inconel 800H, 800HT
Grade: Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, Inconel 718
Grade: Monel 400, Monel K500, Monel R-405
High Tensile Bolt
Grade: 9.8, 12.9, 10.9, 19.9.3
Grade: 710, 715
Nickel Alloy
Grade: UNS 2200 (Nickel 200) / UNS 2201 (Nickel 201), UNS 4400 (Monel 400), UNS 8825 (Inconel 825), UNS 6600 (Inconel 600) / UNS 6601 (Inconel 601), UNS 6625 (Inconel 625),UNS 10276 (Hastelloy C 276), UNS 8020 (Alloy 20 / 20 CB 3)
Surface Finish Blackening, Cadmium zinc plated, Galvanized, Hot dip Galvanized, Nickel Plated, Buffing, etc.
Application All Industry
Die forging Closed die forging, open die forging, and hand forging.
Threads Metric, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, and as per costumers requirement.

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