Distinguish Between 202 and 304

Posted by Aishwarya


Grades 202 and 304 are incredibly ductile with extraordinary features. These grades are highly durable and have excellent strength and malleability. These stainless steel 304 and 202 grades have high heat-bearing capacity. These two grades are available at very nominal prices. Grade 304 is more substantial than 202, so it is commonly used for manufacturing gates. Grade 304 has higher heat tolerance than grade 202. It is also highly efficient and effective for high heat temperature applications. Grade 202 is highly used to produce kitchenware, and it also provides extreme resistance from various physical and chemical reactions.

Stainless Steel 202 And 304 Grades


Key characteristics:
Grade 202 and 304 have high tensile and yield strength. The minimum tensile strength of 202 stainless steel is 515 mph, whereas 304 is 510 mph. Grade 304 stainless steel grade is made from high-quality grades and raw materials.


Grade 202 and 304 have excellent properties and characteristics. These grades are enriched with unique features. It is manually impossible to differentiate these two grades. Grade 304 and 202 are used for various applications. Grade 304 is commonly used for rugged and robust applications as it provides high corrosion resistance from multiple procedures.